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3D Issue Instructions

– Open the start file.
– Click the link that says “Click here to read the Month & Year Edition.”
– A new browser window will open the magazine with form fitted screen dimensions.
– You can re-size the window to fit your viewing specifications, or enlarge to full screen.
– To navigate between pages use the left and right buttons at the bottom of the window.
– Keyboard buttons left and right may also be used to turn the pages.

– 3D Issue has been tested using all major internet browsers. If your browser seems to be having difficulty, please ensure that your browser is up to date.

– We recommend using either Firefox Web Browser or Google Chrome.
– To download Firefox visit:
– To download Google Chrome visit:

PDF Version:
– This bundle also includes a PDF version of the magazine. Some readers may prefer to use this method to view the publication. If your computer doesn’t have some sort of PDF viewing software you can download Adobe Reader for free at:

For Assistance:
– Please contact if you are experiencing difficulty.

Video Tutorial:
Click Here
to launch the video tutorial.